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Doron Waide Auction #33 April 22 2018 2pm USA eastern time

Auction #33

Palestine Forerunners
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Palestine Forerunners French Post - Post card mailed from Caiffa (Haifa) to England, franked 5c French Levant stamp tied by dotted circle postmark dated 21.1.1909. Back side with color view of Cana (Arab village) in the Gallil Northern Palestine area. VF.

40,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Post - Jerusalem first day postmark of post office opening March 1 1900 on commmercial 20 Para stationery postcard mailed to Germany with German arrival postmark on front dated March 9 1900 and long written message in German on back. VF & Rare.


200,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Post - Cover mailed from Jaffa to Germany, franked 5c German ovpt. stamp alnongside the scarce oval cachet "Tempel Kolonie Hamidije - Wilhelma Deutsche Post"  VF.

75,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Post - 8.12.1906 postcard mailed from Jaffa to Germany, franked 20 Para ovpt. German stamp alongside arrival p/m 26.12.1906 and the scarce oval handstamp "Tempel Kolonie Hamidije - Wilhelma Deutsche Post".  Back of the card is blank and expertized with small penciled signature.

75,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Post - Complete 2 part reply card mailed from Jerusalem to Germany 31.8.1912 with the very scarce small  "Aus Jaffa" sub agency box (Steichele cachet type 244, CV $ 700.00) alongside arrival p/m 10.9.1912. 32 word message on back. VF.

250,00 USD

Palestine Foreruuners German Post - Ramle Via Jaffa P.O 7.12.1906 postcard mailed to Germany with arrival p/m 15.12.1906 alongside the scarce "Aus Ramleh" sub agency cachet. Card back side is blank. VF.

100,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Post - Sarona Jaffa (German colony)  10c postcard 20.7.1910 mailed to Germany with the scarce sub agency cachet " Aus Sarona bei Jaffa (Deutsche Post)" on front. Long German written message on back (message indicate that it was written in Sarona). VF & scarce.

150,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Military Post - 29.3.1918 cover mailed to Germany. VF.

50,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Post - Folded letter type registered multi rate from Jaffa to Guglingen Germany (small town in Southern Germany population today 6200), franked 1 Piastre x3 stamps and 10c all tied by June 1911 double ring postmarks alongside Aus Sarona Bei Jaffa Deutsche Post Violet 2 line cachet partly below Jaffa Registered label Stiechele type FC (only 4 such other reg. labels known). Oval violet sender cachet on back J. Knoll Lehrer Sarona Jaffa Palestina (known correspondence) alongside Guglingen arrival postmark dated June 24 1911. VF and rare.


250,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Military Post - A.O.K 4 postmark 10.1.1917 on postcard to Germany with long German written message on back. Few creases any tiny piece of tape on reverse.

20,00 USD


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