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Doron Waide Auction #34 January 6 2019 2pm USA eastern time

Auction #34

Palestine Forerunners
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Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post RARE DESTINATION - UPU type postcard mailed 1892 from Rabbi Eliezer Papo Jerusalem to Bombay India with beautiful Hebrew handwriting on back alongside the Rabbi handstamp & Port Said Egypt transit postmark. Bottom right corner crease, otherwise VF.

40,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post RARE DESTINATION - Jerusalem to Tranquebar east India, franked 20 Para tied by Jerusalem double ring p/m 16.1.1899 alongside seapost transit p/m  Jan.30 & Tranquebar arrival p/m Febuary 7. Hand written notation on top "via Suez". Back side with b/w view of Jerusalem Mosque with 21 word date message. This is the only known postcard to be mailed from the Holy Land during the Turkish Ottoman Empire era to Tranquebar east India (Shore town bay of Bengal). VF showpiece.

100,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post extremely RARE DESTINATION -  Jerusalem to the Australian Island of Tasmania.  Printed matter cover (flap is unsealed) franked 10 Para tied by Jerusalem double circle postmark dated 19.4.1901 transits & arrival postmark on back of Port Said Egypt  25.4.1901, Launceston Tasmania 25.5.1901 & Hobert  (Tasmanian Capital city) 27.5.1901. Cover with some wrinkles & few small marginal tears otherwise F-VF.  This is one of 2 mailed items recorded from the Holy Land during the Ottoman Empire era to Tasmania.

400,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Post - 25.3.1910 Jerusalem to Germany Registered postcard franked 1 pi + 20 Para on color view card of Jerusalem with German arrival postmark on front April 5 1910. VF & scarce.

60,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Military Post - 3 star bridge type postmark 29.3.1918 on cover mailed to Germany. VF.

40,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Post -  2 part reply post card mailed from Jerusalem to Germany 31.8.1912 with the very scarce  "Aus Jaffa" sub agency box  cachet (Steichele cachet type 244, CV $ 700.00) alongside arrival p/m 10.9.1912. 32 word message on back. VF.

65,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Post - 8.12.1906 postcard mailed from Jaffa to Germany, franked 20 Para ovpt. German stamp alongside arrival p/m 26.12.1906 and the scarce oval handstamp "Tempel Kolonie Hamidije - Wilhelma Deutsche Post".  Back of the card is blank and expertized with small penciled signature Langebartels.

65,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Post - Large cover 223 mm x 193mm made out from Canvas thick wired enforced paper mailed registered by the Jerusalem German consulate to the German consulate Constantinople Turkey, franked 5 Piastre stamp,tied by single circle postmarks dated 22.8.1902 alongside registration label # 961. Constantinople arrival postmark on back 1.9.1902. This cover with 2 middle vertical folds & 1 horizontal light fold on top., otherwise VF & very rare commercial usage of 5 Piastre stamp on large heavy cover.

2.000,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Post rare destination - Jerusalem to Dar Es Salaam German East Africa postcard with view of Egyptian river franked 20para German stamp tied by Jerusalem postmark 23.5.1911 alongside Port Said, Port Tafic and  Ismahia Suez postmarks dated May 27 1911. Card is in excellent condition.

70,00 USD

Palestine Forerunners German Military Post - 20 para Turkish stamp tied by A.O.K 4 postmark dated  2.7.1917 alongside German military unit round handstamp  on postcard mailed to Germany, back side view of Jaffa port. VF.

50,00 USD


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