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Doron Waide Auction #34 January 6 2019 2pm USA eastern time

Auction #34

Israel 1948 Interim Period Minhelet Ha'am
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Israel 1948 Interim Period Minhelet Ha'am -  Tiberias local cover franked Mandate revenue stamp of 10mil overprinted "emergency mail Tiberias"  with One line handstamp on top 2 May 1948. Some light toning, F-VF.

35,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim Period Minhelet Ha'am -  May 7 1948 Express cover mailed from Kibbutz Ginosar via the Tiberias post office to Haifa. VF.

25,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim Period Minhelet Ha'am -  Cover sent from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem  by Texi Aviv service. Franked 5mil Kofer Hayishuv revenue stamp tied by Texi Aviv bilingo handstamp. One middle vertical fold, otherwise VF & Rare.

150,00 USD

Israel 1948 Interim Period Minhelet Ha'am -  5 Registered covers from Ramat Gan, Ramatayim, Petah Tiqva, Hertsliya & Holon, all address to Tel Aviv. VF.

40,00 USD
Israel 1948 Stamps - Doar Ivri, First Postage Dues & Holiday issues
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Israel 1948 Doar Ivri - Sc#1  3mil pale orange on thin yellow paper block of 4 stamps perforation 10 horizontally and imperforate vertically. Few sheets known to exist (by now broken up) out from Bale group #5 the rouletted group with the pale shade with perforation 10 and partly imperforate vertically or horizontally. Mint never hinged with tiny light toning on left margin and on few perforations on back, otherwise VF & rare.

300,00 USD

Israel 1948 Doar Ivri - Sc#1  3mil double perforations in single, pairs, block, tabs. MNH & Used. Small spot gum toning on one pair. F-VF.

65,00 USD

Israel 1948 Doar Ivri - Sc#1 3mil with the rare perforation 10x10 on Patriotic postcard addressed locally with imprinted Israel map on back. Stamp tied by Haifa postmark 17.5 1948. VF.

30,00 USD

Israel 1948 Doar Ivri - Sc#2  5 Mil corner tab with control type slug printed at left margin instead at upper right margin of sheet. This happened when the sheet inserted in inverted position on the printing plate. Mint with light trace of hinged on top.Small spot gum dist.& tiny pencil notation on margin. Slight folded in perforations between stamp & tab, otherwise VF & Very rare..only few known to exist.

175,00 USD

Israel 1948 Doar Ivri - Sc#2  5mil vertical strip of 3 stamps with vertical rouletted perforations & imperforate 3 times horizontally. MNH with one point gum disturbance and few tiny points plus very light finger prints. F-VF. 1996 Tsachor photo certificate.

75,00 USD

Israel 1948 Doar Ivri - Sc#2  5mil Double perforations in singles,pairs & block. Mint never hinged & mint hinged. VF.

65,00 USD


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