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Doron Waide Auction #37 Sunday May 9  2021  2pm USA eastern time

Auction #37

Palestine stamps E.E.F. & Mandate Stamps
Lot number Symbol Description

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  3 Mil strip of 9 stamps with top gutters. perf. 15x14, 2nd setting , types 3-11. MNH with perforation separation between gutters & 3 stamps, few tiny points gum toning & pencil notations on 2 stamps, otherwise VF.

100,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  3 Mil marginal strip of 5 stamps. Perf. 15x14, 2nd setting, types 1-5. Hinged on 3 stamps only. VF.

50,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  3 Mil x2 stamps mint & used. perf.15x14, 2nd setting. Right stamp with "Blob" above Arabic L (Beta, position 205). Left stamp "Falestine" variety , also beoken English last E. Both stamps mint hinged, left stamp tiny toned top left .F-VF.

30,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  4 Mil  1st setting. Missing most of top upper Arabic overprint. MH. Pencil notation on gum. F-VF.

25,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  4 Mil Gutter block of 4, 2nd setting, sheet positions 102,103,114,115. Upper right stamp with broken arm in bottom middle E in EEF & missing right vertical arm in Hebrew letter "Hai" in overprint. MNH with perf. separation between left gutter & stamp above. Pencil notations on gutters. F-VF.

35,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  4 Mil (x7) & 1 Pi (x1), 2nd setting. Mint hinged stamps with described positions & varieties.  1pi with pencil notation on back. F-VF.

40,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  5 Mil block of 6. Perf. 15x14, 1st setting , types 2,3,4. Pencil notations on back. Hinged on top left stamp only. VF.

30,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  5 Mil marginal vertical strip of 5 stamps, perf.15x14, 1st setting, types (from top to bottom) 12,12,24,24,24. MNH with one pin point gum toning on upper stamp.

100,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  1pi block of 4 stamps, 2nd setting with B (PalestinB) error at upper right stamp. This block is from Gamma arrangement sheet positions 199,200,211,212. Mint , hinged only on top left stamp. VF.

100,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  2 Piastre, 2nd setting, pair with right stamp split top Arabic P & single with damaged English Palestine last E.  mint hinged, pencil notations on gum. pair with toning on hinge. F-VF.

30,00 USD


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