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Doron Waide Auction #37 Sunday May 9  2021  2pm USA eastern time

Auction #37

Late Arrivals and Collections
Lot number Symbol Description

Late Arrivals Military -  scarce type registered stationery mailed December 17 1951 from a soldier at military P.O 601 (postmarked central communication office 1) to another soldier at military P.O 431 (arrival p/m  central communication office 4), VF.

40,00 USD

Late Arrivals - June 11 1952, cover sent from civilian in Hotel Zion Haifa to advisory committee for reserve troops, region of Haifa district. Scarce military bridge type Violet p/m on front "Office in charge - Army Post 16.6.1952". Back side with Haifa machine cancel p/m June 12 1952 alongside military double ring p/m of communication office 16.6.1952. F-VF.

30,00 USD

Late Arrivals - 3 original large pictures (each 183mm x 130mm) taken right after the 6 day war. The pictures with view of  1) Military Chief Rabbi Goren & soldiers at Jerusalem Western Wall right after it was taken by Israeli military. 2) Soldiers & civilians at Rachael Tomb. 3)  Soldiers at Jerusalem Western Wall.  Each picture stamped on back by the photographer Dr. K. Meyerowitz. VF  Scarce Trio.

50,00 USD


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