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Doron Waide Auction #37 Sunday May 9  2021  2pm USA eastern time

Auction #37

Palestine stamps E.E.F. & Mandate Stamps
Lot number Symbol Description

Palestine Stamps - Pictorials issue  90 Mil transparent paper. MNH & VF. Bale CV $ 170.00

40,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Pictorials issue  90 Mil marginal block of 4 stamps, transparent type paper. MNH with light wrinkle on margin and upper left stamp. VF. Bale CV $ 680.00  Rare multiply. 

200,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Pictorials issue  Plate blocks collections 15 different values or positions. Top scans MNH with few light wrinkles, bottom scans each block hinged on top margin only. VF

50,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Pictorials Issue  3 Mil plate block of 10 stamps, white wove paper with double different sheets serial numbers, right number 23805 crossout with black bar & number 22737 printed at left. This happened due to error in sequence number during the printing process. Hinged on upper left stamp & right margin only. VF & scarce.

40,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Pictorials Issue  vertical Ribbed paper x16 different values. Most mint hinged, few never hinged. Bale CV $ 195.00

50,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Pictorials Issue Transparent paper x14 different values. Mint hinged. Bale CV $ 225.00

70,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Pictorials Issue  15 Mil vertical strip of 3 experimental Coil stamps, vertical ribbed paper perf. 13.5x14.5 overprinted SPECIMEN.  Very interesting - bottom of top 2 top stamps end or roll attached on back to the 3rs bottom stamp (start of new roll). Mint never hinged with few small points gum toning. F-VF. 1972 Dr. Gotlib photo certificate. 

100,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Pictorials Issue coil stamps perf.14.5 x 14 white wove paper.  5mil & 10mil  2 strips of 6 stamps each mint never hinged & 10mil vertical pair hinged on top stamp. VF. Bale CV $ 490.00

75,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Pictorials Issue Collection of 23 blocks of 4 stamps each. Different values or shades. MNH & VF.

125,00 USD

Palestine Stamps - Postage dues  Complete 2nd & 3rd issues plus the scarce  1mil & 4mil of the 3rd issue perf. 14.75 x 14. Most mint hinged few never hinged. Bale CV $ 207.00

40,00 USD


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