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Sunday February 20, 2022
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Palestine Forerunners

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Palestine Forerunners - Austrian post 1865 folded letter type from Beyrouth to Jaffa. Frank 10s coat of arms Austrian stamp perf.9.5 x 9.5. Inside written message in French & Arabic. F-VF & scarce.

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Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post - Mistaken delivery to Austrian post office instead of to Italian office. Picture postcard from naples Italy to Jerusalem January 1904. Received at Austrian P.O Jerusalem  30 January 1904. VF.

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Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post - 1909 Petah Tiqva (Jewish Colony in Palestine) stamp. MNH with thin line light gum toning. F-VF.

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Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post - 15.1.1912 postcard written in Yiddish from Jerusalem to Russia with Russian transit & arrival postmarks on front. Jerusalem postmark is bridge type in the RARE BLUE COLOR. F-VF.

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Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post - 1906 postcard mailed from Jaffa to France. UNLISTED POSTAL MARITIME AGENT CACHET ON FRONT "B. ALONZO & FILS JAFFA"  alongside French arrival p/m. F-VF & RARE.

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Lot #: 6

Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post - Rare Postage exempt postcard sent by Jaffa post office December 13 1909 by  "Information bureau Fur Palestina" which was the code name for Zionist Organization office & was addressed to the Jaffa Hebrew Gymnasium, inform the Gymnasium to send magazines to Russia. VF & seldom seen.

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Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post - 1894,1901,1906 x4 postcards mailed from Jerusalem to Austria & USA. F-VF.


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Palestine Forerunners French Post - Picture postcard mailed from Jerusalem to Greece, frank 5c French levant stamp tied by Double ring p/m 7 March 1905. Greece arrival p/m on back. VF.


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Palestine Forerunners French Post - France to Jerusalem June 28 1908 letter frank 25c posted at Arcis Le Ponsart in the French department of Marne, Arrival p/m on back dated July 8 1908. F-VF.

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Palestine Forerunners French Post - 23.1.1907 color view postcard of Mosque Omar mailed from Jerusalem to Berlin Germany, franked  x3 1c & x1 2c French Levant stamps at (printed matter rate). LLOYD HOTEL superb cachet at left. VF.

Start Price: $40