Auction #39

Sunday August 7, 2022

Palestine Forerunners

Lot #: 2

Palestine Forerunners French Post - France to Jerusalem June 28 1908 letter frank 25c posted at Arcis Le Ponsart in the French department of Marne, Arrival p/m on back dated July 8 1908. F-VF.

Start Price: $30
Lot #: 3

Palestine Forerunner German Post - 5.4.1909 Jerusalem cover franked 25c overprinted German stamp alongside x2 box cachet "Aus Jaffa Deutsche" IN RED AND BLACK.  Hand notation on back. VF & RARE. Bale catalog value $ 980.00

Start Price: $200

Palestine Postal History, Documents and Misc. items

Lot #: 45

Palestine Postal History - 1917 On Active Service, British Military stampless cover mailed from APO SZ8 (Gaza) to Alexandria Egypt with postmarks on back of APO Z (Egypt) Octover 24 1917 &  BAPO Z  LOD (Local delivery Alexandria - reference Sacher catalog) 25 October 1917. Few light wrinkles, otherwise VF.  BAPO Z LOD postmarks seldom seen on covers.

Start Price: $30
Lot #: 46

Palestine Postal History - July 3 1918 double censored cover mailed from Jerusalem to Alexandria Egypt, Frank 1 Piastre (Bale #3), tied by APO SZ44 p/m  & with full arrival p/m on back July 11 1918. Cover with toning & mid. vertical fold, otherwise F-VF.

Start Price: $30
Lot #: 47

Palestine Postal History - September 18 1918 cover mailed from Rabbi Y. Rubin of Jerusalem to Jewish Organization in New York USA. Frank 1 Piastre (Bale # 3) tied by APO SZ44 p/m alongside censor handstamp. One mid. horizontal fold, light wrinkles & small tear on top margin, otherwise F-VF.

Start Price: $30
Lot #: 48

Palestine Postal History - Registered multi censored cover mailed from Jerusalem to Swtizerland 13 Feb. 1919, frank pair of 1pi Typograph issue stamps tied by OETA double ring p/ms. S.Z 10 & Cario transit p/ms on back alongside Bern Swiss arrival p/m  26.3.1919.  VF.

Start Price: $40
Lot #: 49

Palestine Postal History - September 29 1920  Registered cover mailed from Acre to England, frank x4 5 Mil Typograh stamps (Registered # 962 written at left side). Stamps tied by the very rare Acre single circle postmarks repeated on back alongside Haifa p/m. VF & seldom seen.

Start Price: $175
Lot #: 50

Palestine Postal History - April 14 1922 registered cover from Tiberias to Paris France. Frank x2  3 Mil & x1 2 Piastre stamps, tied by double ring p/ms repeated on back alongside Haifa registered transit p/m April 15.  8 page written letter included (only part showing in scan). F-VF & scarce.

Start Price: $60
Lot #: 51

Palestine Postal History -  May 14 1919  long size cover mailed from the American Red Cross in Jerusalem to USA. Frank 1 Piastre Typograph stamp tied by single circle p/m OETA - Jerusalem. F-VF.

Start Price: $30
Lot #: 52

Palestine Postal History - July 25 1927 cover mailed from Jaffa chamber of commerce to Goslar Germany with RARE mix issues franking of  3 Mil pictorial &  pair of 5 Mils London II stamps, all tied by Jaffa double ring p/ms. VF & seldom seen.

Start Price: $200