Auction #39

Sunday August 7, 2022

Palestine Forerunners

Lot #: 1

Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post - 15.1.1912 postcard written in Yiddish from Jerusalem to Russia with Russian transit & arrival postmarks on front. Jerusalem postmark is bridge type in the RARE BLUE COLOR. F-VF.

Start Price: $75
Lot #: 4

Palestine Forerunners German Post - 11.7.1904  postcard mailed from Jerusalem to Jaffa with arrival p/m 12.7.1904 alongside RARE cachet "Aus Ramleh Palestina". Long Arabic written message on back. F-VF. Bale CV $ 400.00

Start Price: $125
Lot #: 5

Palestine Foreruuners Russian Post - Color picture postcard of Camel drivers mailed from Jaffa to Germany bearing 1912 issue 20para/5Kop (Michel46) tied by all Cyrillic very clear & RARE  "Jaffa/Ropit" postmark dated 3.2.1914 Steichele type 634. Card with small wrinkle at upper left, otherwise VF exhibit quality postal history post card. 2012 Nakri photo certificate.

Start Price: $300
Lot #: 7

Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Jerusalem (Gare) VF strike postmark in Black 15.4 1910 (Collins type PM1) tied to 20 Para Turkish stamp (correct postcard rate) on color postcard with view of Jerusalem, mailed to Germany. Message written in German. VF & scarce with 2005 Tsachor photo certificate.

Start Price: $300
Lot #: 7A

Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Halil Ul Rahman (Hebron) Superb strike postmark 22.3.1906 tied to 20 Para imprinted stamp on postcard mailed to Germany with full arrival postmark on front March 30 1906. Full German written message on back. This card is in excellent condition. Showpiece rarity.

Start Price: $1,000
Lot #: 8

Palestine Forerunners Austrian, German & French post -  1898 to 1913  3 postcards and 1 cover, mailed to Egypt, Canada & Germany. F-VF.

Start Price: $50
Lot #: 8A

Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - 21.3.1915 "Jerusalem 5" XF postmark tied to 20 Para Turkish stamp on postcard mailed to Damas Syria. Jerusalem scarce large double ring censor handstamp on front (Collins type CM2) alongside Damas arrival p/m. Long Arabic written message on back. F-VF & scarce.

Start Price: $200
Lot #: 9

Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Advertisement postcard for money donation from Jewish orphans organization mailed to Germany, frank 10 Para tied by the scarce Jerusalem Quart Israelite postmark 5.2.1908 (Collins p/m type PM7). The card is in excellent condition. First time we see this postmark on advertising card.

Start Price: $250
Lot #: 9A

Palestine Forerunners Turkish military post - FPO 3 ( Sahara Postassi 3) VF postmark 28.5.1917 tied to 5 Para Turkish stamp (Printed matter rate - less than 5 word message) on postcard with view of Jerusalem Damas gate sent by a soldier of the 52nd Division to Istanbul Turkey. FPO 3 used by the Turkish 52nd division stationed in the Gaza area. This postcard pictured in the Ottoman post in Palestine Collins catalog page 222. According to Collins this is the only postal item known to be mailed with this postmark.  Card with light wrinkle & few rubbing spots on picture side, otherwise VF unique showpiece Rarity.

Start Price: $3,500
Lot #: 10

Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post - Rare view of Haifa Clock Tower on postcard mailed to Switzerland, frank 20 Para Austrian ovpt. stamp tied by Caifa double ring bridge type postmark dated 12 August 1908. The card is in excellent condition.

Start Price: $150