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Palestine Postal History, Documents and Misc. items

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Palestine Postal History - 1927,1928 x2 beautiful picture postcards mailed to Germany & Switzerland (one PC with JNF label added). Both tied by machine cancel p/ms. VF.

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Palestine Postal History - 17.2.1931 Haifa surface mail registered cover to the USA, franked 28 Mils, tied by the scarce HAIFA BAZAAR B.O postmarks (this seldon seen as dispatch on covers). Transit & arrival postmarks on back March 4,8,9 1931. F-VF with few wrinkles & small marginal tear on top.

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Palestine Postal History - Tel Aviv to New York, Large commercial registered cover (215mm x 150mm) with beautiful multi franking total to 795 Mils, tied by oval postmarks of January 3 1945 repeated on back alongside New York transit & arrival postmarks of February 4,5 1945. Palestine British military censor labels on left. USA customs handstamp in middle. Top left 100mil stamp with small fault at upper right corner. Cover open at bottom & right side. Normal margins wear. F-VF very Scarce high rate franking cover.

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Palestine Postal History - March 9 1941 British forces cover mailed from F.P.O 164 (stationed in Palestine) most likley by a Jewish soldier to a Jewish person in Tel Aviv. Frank 7 Mil pictorial tied by double ring postmark. British military triangular censor handstamp on front. F-VF.

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Palestine Postal History -  WW2 era December 19 1943 Aitgraph (comparable to U.S & British military V-mail of WW2) . It is from young refugee in Canada to his mother in Ramat Gan Palestine.  Size 138mm x 111mm with one horizontal wrinkle, otherwise VF.

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Palestine Postal History - May 26 1944 scarce cover mailed between 2 detention camps in Palestine, from s.Rois inmate # 350 at camp # 5 Wilhelma (near Jaffa) to Dr. H. Galili at Latrun detention camp near Jerusalem with Er Ramle transit p/m June 5 1944. Postage exemet handstamp at top left alongside British military censor. VF & scarce.

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Palestine Postal History - July 9 1944 triple censored  Polish forces air letter, frank 3d British stamp tied by Polish military p/m 104 mailed to a lady in Tel Aviv. backstamp with British military FPO 233 p/m dated August 10 1944. Long Polish written message inside. F-VF. 

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Palestine Postal History - Jewish Brigade British censored registered postal stationery 3 Pence cover tied by FPO 403 p/m Feb. 5 1945 alongside transit p/m of FPO 4 Feb.10 1945 mailed to Tel Aviv with notation "Written in Hebrew". Arrival postmark on front 12 Feb. 1945. VF.

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Palestine Postal History - First flight Air Letter service to USA 15.5.1947. VF.

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Palestine Postal History 1940s x3 official documents mailed by local municipalities or organizations with pictorials stamps & tied by Triangular postmarks of Jerusalem & Tel Aviv. All 3 with Hebrew printed text inside. VF.

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