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Palestine Forerunners

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Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post - Rare view of Haifa Clock Tower on postcard mailed to Switzerland, frank 20 Para Austrian ovpt. stamp tied by Caifa double ring bridge type postmark dated 12 August 1908. The card is in excellent condition.

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Palestine Forerunners Austrian Post - 1883 Jerusalem Austrian post cover mailed to Germany. Franked 10 sld Austrian stamp perforation 9.5 x 9.5, tied by Jerusalem postmark dated 8.3 (1883) alongside sender oval cachet "Bichur Cholim Hospital".  German written notations on back cover, regarding money owed . Arrival postmark on back dated 23.3 (1883).  Cover with normal wear on margins. F-VF & Rare.

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Lot #: 2A

Palestine Forerunner French Post - 1874 Jerusalem Hotel Damascus to Massachusetts USA. Franked 80c x3 & 40c x1= 280c Double rate. Stamps tied by Jerusalem dotted 5089 P/Ms. Jerusalem Cross seal tied to uppr right stamps. Jaffa transit  p/m on top 20 February 1974 alongside Oval handstamps of "Damascus Hotel Jerusalem - A. Hornsteen". Hand notation at top left "Via England". London Red transit p/m on front  3 March 74 alongside Boston arrival p/m March 14.  PD (paid to destination) box cachet on front. Back side with transit p/m Egyptian French P.O Alexandria  22 Feb 74  alongside European transit postmark of  March 2 74. Cover with 2 vertical light folds between upper stamps & postmarks, otherwise F-VF. Extremely rare exhibit quality cover and the only one known with Damascus Hotel cachet.

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Palestine Forerunner German Post - 5.4.1909 Jerusalem cover franked 25c overprinted German stamp alongside x2 box cachet "Aus Jaffa Deutsche" IN RED and BLACK.  Hand notation on back. VF & RARE. Bale catalog value $ 980.00

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Palestine Forerunners German Post - 11.7.1904  postcard mailed from Jerusalem to Jaffa (unusual one month voyage) with arrival p/m 12.7.1904 alongside RARE cachet "Aus Ramleh Palestina". Long Arabic written message on back. F-VF. Bale CV $ 400.00

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Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - BIR UL SEBBA 1 (Beer Sheva 1) Collins Catalog #PM2.  All Arabic postmarks tied to x10  1 Piastre stamps on complete postal ledger. Postmarks Arabic date translate to 8.9.1917. The postmark known to be used for very short time between May to October 1917. Only one cover & very few postal ledgers recorded with this postmark. Catalog value $ 2000.00

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Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Acre Posta Subesi 1287. Acre post office 1871. Full strike postmark in Red tied to  20 Para imprinted stamp on complete wrapper (size when open 360mm x 95mm). This extremely rare postmark listed in the Coles & Walker catalog page 74 , # 38. (look at 3rd scan).Wrapper with light toning on top, otherwise in VF condition. The catalog rarity scale for this postmark is the highest 25 which is Extremely rare to unique.  Est. value $ 5000.00

Start Price: $1,000
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Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Gaza postmark in Violet (Collins # PM6 CV $ 450.00) dated Augutst 14 1914 on 1 Piastre stationery cover mailed to England. Missing top of back upper flap. One middle vertical tear on top enforced from inside of cover, otherwise F-VF & scarce.

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Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Halil Ul Rahman (Hebron) Superb strike postmark 22.3.1906 tied to 20 Para imprinted stamp on postcard mailed to Germany with full arrival postmark on front March 30 1906. Full German written message on back. This card is in excellent condition. Exhibit quality showpiece rarity.

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Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Jerusalem 3, all Arabic postmark Collins # PM33  CV $ 1600.00, Turkish date translate to 13.4.1917  NEW KNOWN EARLY DATE (Collins list this postmark between 15.10.1917 to 17.11.1917). This XF strike postmark tied to prepaid printed matter Turkish stationery cover with 20 Para overprinted  imprinted stamp Tughra type IV mailed to Germany with 2 different censor markings on front. (20 Para rate translate to 10 Para printed matter rate plus 10 Para war tax). Cover with one mid. vertical fold, otherwise VF & very rare.

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