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Sunday April 21, 2024
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Palestine Forerunners

Lot #: 18

Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Nasre (Nazareth) to England. Cover franked 1 Piastre Turkish stamp tied by the scarce bridge type postmark in Blue 21.3.1914. F-VF

Start Price: $75
Lot #: 19

Palestine Forerunners Turkish Post - Nasre ( Nazareth) postmark in scarce BLUE color dated 14.1.1914 tied to 20 Para Turkish stamp on color view card of Bethlehem, mailed to Germany with Haifa transit postmark on front. F-VF.

Start Price: $45
Lot #: 20

Palestine Forerunners Russian Post - Haifa picture postcard of Mount Carmel Convent mailed to Germany, franked 20 Para (4x5 Para on 1 Kp) Russian Levant stamps, tied by 2  KAIFA ROPIT postmarks 16.12.1912 (Julian date). Postcard message dated 28.12.1912 (Gregorian date). Port Said Egyptian transit postmark 31.12.1912 and Sollin Germany arrival p/m January 7 1913. Small bottom right corner bent, otherwise VF.  Very scarce Haifa Russian P.O usage, Exhibit quality postcard. 2021 Tsachor photo Certificate.

Start Price: $1,500
Lot #: 20A

Palestine Forerunners Russian Post -  Post catd with view of the Jordan river mailed from Jerusalem to Egypt. Frank pair of  Russian stamps : 2k ovpt. 10 Para & 4k ovpt. 20 Para, tied by Jerusalem p/ms 19.1.1912 alongside Egyptian arrival p/m 22.1.1912. Additional Cairo postmark on back.  VF.

Start Price: $100

Palestine stamps E.E.F. & Mandate Stamps

Lot #: 21

Palestine Stamps - 1918 Typograh Issue 36 stamps with extra shades. Mint Hinged. F-VF.

Start Price: $40
Lot #: 22

Palestine Stamps - 1918 Typograph issue.  10 different blocks of 4 stamps each. MNH & VF.

Start Price: $50
Lot #: 23

Palestine Stamps - 1920 Jerusalem I issue. 2 Mil 2nd setting double varieties. 1) English overprint showing PalesPine instead of Palestine. 2) overprint complete offset on reverse. Mint with light trace of hinged. F-VF & scarce.

Start Price: $75
Lot #: 23A

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  9 Piastre, 2nd setting type 9. Mint hinged. VF.

Start Price: $30
Lot #: 24

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I  issue. Mint collection on pages. Mint never hinged & mint hinged. Some with notations on back regarding setting, types or sheet positions. Look at 4 scans. F-VF. Unchecked for errors or varieties. Excellent lot for the Palestine specialist.

Start Price: $350
Lot #: 25

Palestine Stamps - Jerusalem I issue. 1 Piastre, 2nd setting  Alpah arrrangement full bottom pane. Showing B (PalestinB) variety in position 224. Some of the stamps with shifted overprints This pane with perforation separations in some spots, missing parts of margins & few stamps with wrinkles mostly at right side of pane. F-VF and very scarce seldom seen multiply.

Start Price: $375