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Palestine Postal History, Documents and Misc. items

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Palestine Postal History -  May 14 1919  long size cover mailed from the American Red Cross in Jerusalem to USA. Frank 1 Piastre Typograph stamp tied by single circle p/m OETA - Jerusalem. F-VF.

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Palestine Postal History - 1921. Interesting postcard mailed from Rishon Le Zion by Jaffa post office to Alexandria Egypt. Frank 1mil & 3mil Jerusalem II stamps, tied by Jaffa single circle p/m May 16 1921, alongside Alexandria arrival p/m May 18 1921. The card transfer from jaffa to Egypt by train and so are the passengers who wrote the card, as the  Yiddish message on back translate to: Best regards from Aus Kantara. We are on the train. We are doing well. Moshe Asher Judilevich.  Card with 2 filing holes at left. F-VF & scarce.

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Palestine Postal History - 1924 incoming cover from England, sent to Beisan Palestine, short paid & charged 10 Mils postage dues. Composed of 4 Mil pair & solo 2 Mil of the first issue postage dues, all tied by superb strikes of Beisan July 25 1924. Haifa transit p/m on back July 22 1924.  According to census conducted in 1922 by the British Mandate authorities , Beit She'an (Baisan) small town in Northern Palestine had a population of 1,941, consisting of 1,687 Muslims, 41 Jews and 213 Christians. This cover is 1 of 3 known to mailed to Beisan, short paid & franked with first issue postage due stamps upon arrival. F-VF & rare.

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Palestine Postal History - January 17 1924. Registered cover mailed from Jerusalem to USA. Franked pair of 1 Piastre, 4mil & 5mil, tied by reg. oval p/ms. New York & Oakland California transit & arrival p/ms on back. VF.

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Palestine Postal History - Feb. 4 1926 Registered cover from Bank Imperial Ottoman Nablus to Basel Switzerland. Franked  2 Piastre & 6 Mil, tied by Double ring P/Ms repeated on back alongside Haifa oval transit p/m Feb. 5, Haifa - Kantara TPO (Train postmark) Feb. 5 & Basel Swiss arrival p/m 16.Feb. 1926 and Bank wax seal. Scarce cover in excellent condition.

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Palestine Postal History - Feb. 3 1929 Registered surface mail. Oversize cover (230mm x 150mm) mailed from Haifa Mount Carmel P.O branch to England. Frank pair of 10 Mils Pictorials, tied by single circle postmarks. Transit Train p/m on back Haifa - Kantara TPO south dated Feb. 4 1929 alongside Wax seals. This very short period rate exist from the start of 1929 until March 1 1929. F-VF Est. 10 known.

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Palestine Postal History - Rare view stationery postcard of the Goldsmit Hotel Jerusalem mailed to the USA. Frank 3 Mil tied by Jerusalem double ring p/m 31 July 1933. Card with middle vertical crease, otherwide in fine condition.

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Palestine Postal History - Jerusalem March 4 1930 Parcel card mailed to the USA. Franked total of 340 Mils. with Egyptian transit postmarks of Port Said & Alexandria on back. VF.

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Palestine Postal History - Jerusalem Dec. 23 1936 Parcel card mailed to the USA. Franked total of 195 Mils. Parcel postmark on reverse. VF.

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Palestine Postal History - Zeppelin flight cover from Port Said Egypt to Jerusalem. Franked 27 Mil stamp overprinted 100 Mils, tied by Port Said Graf Zeppelin p/m dated 10 April 1931 alongside Red Pyramid cachet. Back side with Jerusalem machine cancel arrival p/m 13 April 1931. VF & scarce.

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