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Palestine Postal History, Documents and Misc. items

Lot #: 74

Palestine Lebanon Postal History - 24.4.1919 Registered cover mailed from Beyrouth to Cairo Egypt. Franked Palestine EEF  X10 4 Mil Typograph stamps (The highest known usage of 4mil stamps use abroad), tied by Bridge type Beyrouth postmarks. Cairo arrival p/m on back 2.5.1919. British military censor on front. French military censor on front & back. F-VF abroad usage of Palestine EEF stamps rarity.

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Lot #: 75

Palestine Jordan West Bank Postal History - October 10 1962 complete Armanian Magazine mailed from Jerusalem (Arabic address), franked 4 Fils tied by Double ring Jerusalem Jordanian postmark. VF and scarce.

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Israel 1948 Interim Period Minhelet Ha'am

Lot #: 76

Israel 1948 Interim - French Consular Post In Jerusalem. Air mail cover mailed to the Jerusalem French Council  Neuville family member in Paris France. Franked 6f French stamp overprinted 20 Milliemes, tied by the consulate Jerusalem p/m 27 August 1948. Expertized with small pencil signature on reverse by Martin Marco. Cover with one mid vertical light fold. VF & scarce.

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Lot #: 77

Israel 1948 Interim Taxi Mail - Taxi Yael Company. Cover sent May 6 (1948) by exchange company of Herzl 4 St. Tel Aviv to Doctor K. Nabritzki, Meltzet 5 Street Haifa. Taxi Co. label on front and back alongside 5 Mil Kofer Hayishuv tax revenue stamp tied by Yael Taxi handstamp. Back flap open uneven. F-VF & scarce.

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Lot #: 78

Israel 1948 Interim Taxi Mail - Taxi Aviv Company. May 12 1948  Cover sent by the Tat Beth company of Hachad Ha'am 67 St. Tel Aviv to Doctor K. Nabritzki of Lord Meltzet 5 St., Hadar Hacarmel Haifa. Franked 5 Mil Kofer Haishuv Revenue/Tax stampm tied by Taxi Aviv handstamp & one line dated handstamp of May 12 1948. Bottom back flap open uneven, otherwise VF & scarce.

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Lot #: 79

Israel 1948 Interim Messenger service - "Delivered  by Hashlichim (messenger) group, Cafe Riga Tel.2302 Haifa"  handstamp on cover sent in Haifa to Katznstein Willie grocery store Nordau 17 Street. Franked 20 Mil delivery stamp on top left side. F-VF & scarce.

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Lot #: 80

Israel 1948 Interim - Reverse courier cover from Yosphin, Qiryat Shmuel (Near Haifa)  to Shoshana Morkin, Qiryat Shmuel Jerusalem. 10 Mil Doar Ivri stamp added by the sender & postmarked in Jerusalem by oval Liberation type postmark dated June 20 1948. Cover with Mid. vertical fold & few spots on front and back, otherwise F-VF and extremely rare as only few such covers known.

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Lot #: 80A

Israel 1948 Interim Period  Jerusalem - 2 covers mailed to Tel Aviv & Haifa with late usage of Jerusalem local map stamps. Postmarks dated July 8 1948 & August 4 1948. (The local stamps known to be used until early September 1948). F-VF.

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Lot #: 81

Israel 1948 Interim - Gedera,  2 period registered cover mailed to Haifa. Registered label # 0547 New low number unlisted in Fluri catalog (Low # listed is 0549). Frank 25 Mil (correct rate), incl. 5mil Wietzmann stamps & 2 x 10mil Diaspora stamps. Tied by Minhelet Ha'am postmarks repeated twice on back alongside Rehovot transit p/m & Haifa Israeli tri-lingo p/m 16.5.1948. VF & Rare as less than 20 covers sent registered from Gedera during the Interim Period (reference Fluri catalog). Penciled expertized twice on back by Dr. Hoexter & Langerbertlis. Bale Catalog value $ 950.00

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Lot #: 82

Israel 1948 Interim - Nahariya cover mailed to England . Tied by 3rd slogan type postmark on back 31 March 1948. Tranfered to Haifa by boat as all land routes closed that time. 25 Mils Mandate stamps added in Haifa tied by Mandate p/m April 2 1948. Back flap open uneven & small marginal tear above left stamp. F-VF & scarce as only very limited quantities of covers mailed from Nahariya to abroad during the Arab siege in the western Galil in Northern Israel.

Start Price: $350